Sjöblom Marine Engineering Ab

Sjöblom Marine Engineering Ltd

We are a professional maritime and industrial service providing company.
Our homebase is in Finland, our operational area is the world.


Sjöblom Marine Engineering Ab is a 2019 established maritime and industrial service providing company. We offer both blue-collar professionals as well as white-collar experts for your everyday needs. Our lead words are flexibility and quality which we can provide with years of experience for Shipowners, Shipyards, Suppliers/manufacturers in maritime industry, onshore Industries and Ports. We provide our services worldwide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any inquires or questions you might have!

We believe strongly in the power of networking, hence partnership with maritime and/or industry professionals are something we are looking for on an everyday basis. Do you want to become our partner? Or, do you want us as partners? Are you a maritime industry professional, looking for short term or long term work? Please contact us or fill in our contact form.


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